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Welcome to modelboatsmoke.com.

Please find below our current selection of Smoke Effect units. Following the success of our market leading smoke effect unit V1 for model boats, we have now developed the 'Slanted Top Style Boiler' V2 to complement the range. This unit reflects all the features and benefits of V1 and has been designed to be encased as an enclosed boiler or reside within the hull of a larger vessel.

model boat smoke 10b

SMOKE EFFECT UNIT V1 - £45.00 + Postage

model boat smoke 11

SMOKE EFFECT UNIT V2 - £55.00 + Postage


Generates 'Smoke Effect' for Model Boats   *   Uses Clean, Cold Water   *   Requires 12v Battery Source   *   General Operation 30 Minutes Before Water Refill Required


Odourless Cold 'Smoke Effect'   *   Only Uses Clean Cold Water (so no repeat purchase of Oil / Smoke Fluid   *   No Heat Generated   *   Supplied with Power Converter


Instructions and Wiring Guide Provided   *   Email and Telephone Support Available


Coalville Model Boat Show 9/10 April   *   Doncaster Model Boat Show June   *   Blackpool Model Boat Show 15/16 October


All feedback is welcome. Drop me a note if you have any comments


"A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle"

Kahlil Gibran  (1883-1931)

Colin Graham - Owner

    Hello and welcome to my website modelboatsmoke.com.
    My name is Colin Graham and I have been interested and involved as a hobbyist in building model aircraft and boats for over 40 years.
    I am an active member of the Fishers Green Model Boat Club that is a well-respected section of the Fishers Green Sailing Club based in Waltham Abbey EN9 2EG, United Kingdom.
    Over the last three years I have developed, refined and expanded upon my idea to build smoke effect units for model boats that are environmentally friendly and only use water. It's been a long but rewarding journey involving significant research, prototypes, modifications and positive feedback from the model boat community.
    One of the many exciting challenges has been to learn about 3D Printing and it's application in the advancement of my products. I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge of this rapidly developing technology.
    If you ever have any questions or queries regarding my products, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Kind regards - Colin

Contact Details

  • +44 (0)7943 436288
  • Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom
  • colin@modelboatsmoke.com


Here are the dimensions of the units, a wiring guide and the instructions that will come with your order.

IMPORTANT - BENCH TEST - On receipt of your Smoke Effect Unit, we recommend testing prior to installation within your model boat project. Whilst we do this prior to despatch and we make every effort to apply protective packaging for transit, infrequently things do get damaged in the post.

MBSE V1 3D Dimentions MBSE V2 3D Bab Dim MBSE Wiring Guide 030216MBSE Instructions 030216


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries

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